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Our menu will help you grow your business and increase revenu. With our user-friendly menu, your customers can view, browse and select menu items, write reviews, follow your social media accounts, add notes and confirm their order in seconds!

It is your design and your menu

We understand the importance of showcasing your brand so you can design your menu however you need.

You can upload and edit your logo and header image with the ability to either show or hide them.
You can pick and change your own colors and icons in seconds.
You can add and edit your menu items at any time in seconds. Your QR menu will be updated automatically.

Many features to benefit you

Talab Hub QR menu has so many features beyound the menu itself to benefit you and grow your business.

Get you QR menu upon registration and start adding your business information and menu items.
Grow your business and share your QR menu on Google maps and on your social media accounts in seconds.
Check your QR menu analysis and numbers through our multi language easy to use dashboard.

Easy to use dashboard

Control, check analysis, and edit your QR menu however you need through our multi language easy to use dashboard.

Get your access to Talab Hub powerful dashboard upon registration and start having control over your menu.
Choose your preferred language for your and for your employees and start adding your business information.
Check your analysis and edit your QR menu in seconds with our powerful easy to use dashboard.

What Our QR Menu Does For You?

Talab Hub menu is the best QR menu for restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels as it provided customers with an attractive digital QR menu

We provide your own QR menu to receive order requests profit more and enhance your online presence. The most comprehensive platform for digital QR menu. Start creating a digital menu for your restaurant today and engage more with your customers.

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Advantages of using our service

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