Why our dynamic QR menu is the best menu in the market?

Talab Hub menu is the best QR menu because it is an attractive digital QR menu where attracting with your customers have never been easier!


Landing Page

Our menu includes a well-designed, quick-loading landing page. It's a great page for showcasing your restaurant's details. Furthermore, you have complete control over what appears and what is hidden on this optional page.


Share Social Media Accounts

What could be better than boosting your social media followers and taking advantage of the free marketing opportunity? Our menu allows you to share your social network profiles with your menu visitors, allowing them to connect with your restaurant.


Working Hours

What could be better than increasing your social media followers while also gaining free marketing exposure? Our menu allows you to share your social network accounts with visitors to your menu, allowing them to connect with your restaurant.


Reviews and Ratings

When it comes to restaurant meals, reviews are essential. Customers may simply share their thoughts on each and every meal they order by leaving personal reviews, which can assist customers to anticipate what they will receive, resulting in a better experience and help to ensure that customers have a good time and that their demands are met.


New Prodcuts Tag

Your Customers will be alerted of new products and dishes at your restaurant. This is an essential marketing approach to attract customers to try your new dishes in the restaurant.


Ingredients and Allergies

Some people may have severe allergic reactions to a range of substances, putting customers and the restaurant at risk. That is why we have included an ingredients section for each dish you prepare.

Our menu will help you grow your business and increase revenue

With our user-friendly menu, your customers can view, browse and select menu items, write reviews, follow your social media accounts, add notes and confirm their order in seconds!

Inspire Your Customers

Inspire your customers with the best QR menu. Allow customers to browse your mouthwatering dishes and display your specials and signature dishes.

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Stay Social

Grow your social media audience automatically by connecting Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Youtube to your menu. Let guests share what they love.

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