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    Frequently asked questions

    1How to create my menu?
    Once you register an account, you would get the service immediately, there is no need to wait for the customer service to activate your account, you can activate the service, pay the subscription fees and start using your QR menu. If you encounter any difficulty, feel free to contact us as our team would respond to you and help you as soon as possible.
    2Is there a free trial?
    Yes, we provide free trial. You need to contact us and ask for free trial and our team would provide it to you.
    3Can I edit my menu and add new items?
    Yes, you can fully manage your menu easily through our dashboard when you login.
    4How long does it take to activate my account?
    Your account will be activated immediately along with the QR menu. You do not need to wait for the support team. However, if you need any support or help, please feel free to chat with us.
    5What countries do you support?
    Talab Hub can be used worldwide.
    6What are the prices?
    You can check our prices on the pricing page. If you have any questions or further requirements, contact us and our team will contact you and help you.
    7Can I change my plan? Go for a bigger or smaller plan?
    Of course, each plan can be adjusted.
    8Can you set up and fill in my menu?
    Yes, we will do a free set up for you in the subscription of the yearly plan.
    9How can I check orders from my customers?
    You will get order notifications in the dashboard, cashier printers, kitchen printers, IOS app, Android app, and Whatsapp
    10Do you have an online payment option?
    Yes, we support Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, American Express, and Mada. For more details feel free to contact us here.